Welcome to “Life With Curves!”

Welcome to my blog!  I invite you to share.  I invite you to ask me questions.

Important note: All derogatory comments on my posts, comments or someone else’s comments will not be approved or allowed.  I’m not saying we cannot have differences of opinion, but nothing directly insulting, unkind, etc. towards me or anyone else participating in the discussions will be tolerated.  This is declared a safe space to all who choose to participate.

Thank you for joining me in this journey called life. I’m thrilled to have you accompany me and I look forward to hearing your stories.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to “Life With Curves!”

  1. They exude joie de vivre! I love her piles of bead necklaces and how they kind of correspond with the dots on his shirts. I'm not sure whether one would coordinate accidentally to this extent, but I do find with my own partner of 25 years that if you breathe the same air for long enough even your (actual) dreams start to coordinate! Adore this couple, hope to see much more of them on here in the future. Adore you too, Seth, thanks for celebrating life with us.Lou

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